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Yesterday I got the key to my new house, something that’s been in the works for 4 or 5 years or so. If you lose count in years how much time you needed to get there once you made the decision to go there, that’s too long. So, working with impossible...

Lazy Sunday mornings

Nothing quite like a lazy morning where everyone sleeps in. Except for me ofcourse, I’m awake. Good time to read and mess with my site though.

On doing the household V1.1

I got beef with women complaining about household chores, not so much as that they aren’t right, but that very few address how to solve the issue. This is a good write up on the problem, though I disagree with the whole “battle” and “family...
On setting expectations

On setting expectations

Setting expectations is hard enough in long running relationships. But it’s even more tricky when meeting someone new. Asking if there are plans for a long term commitment on the first date might be a bit forward. But wait to long and people start having their...