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I keep getting comments about people not being able to accept my calendar invites because they, “use a different email”. So to help these people out, here are instructions to instruct your gmail calendar to accept these. You only need to do this once.

Please note, this guide assumes you are already able to email with this alternative address, if not, after doing this go to “GMail Settings” and “Accounts” and add your email there.

This doesn’t work for Google Apps, it’s possible but your Apps administrator will need to add the full domain to the system and add the alternative email to your account. If they can’t figure it out, forward them to me.

The problem

The Fix

Adding alternative email to your account

Go to account settings,

Then click “Your personal info” and select “Email”,

And your email to “Alternate emails”,

You should receive email to verify you own the account,

Now, pick the calendar you want to use for your alternative email


And now you can accept