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So, wife want’s to transfer from Spotify to Google Music. Luck would have it that there is a tool to do that.

Quick disclaimer,

  • These are the steps I did to get it to work on my Ubuntu 13.04 install
  • Portify isn’t fully stable, it stopped/hanged a couple of times

Preparing ubuntu

I’m building as my regular user, feel free to break/comprimise your system by running this is as root, I’m going to start with getting a current version of nodejs and build stuff

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs build-essential

Fetching Source code

Once you got the basics setup, it’s time to get a workdir and the code.

# I work from a Projects folder, feel free to build in any location you like
cd ~/Projects
git clone
cd portify

Building the code

Now, the Readme tells me that npm install fetches all dependencies, this is a lie!, atleast for me. 🙂

cd ./data
npm install debug formidable methods
npm install superagent connect
npm install buffer-crc32 fresh range-parser
npm install module cookie-signature cookie send
npm install

This should be enough to get it to build

Running and accessing the program

Portify is a deamon that runs as a web application, so to get things going you start it up

cd ./data
node app.js

Now the only thing left to do is access it through your browser. So if it’s running, just click this link


The tool helped me enough to port most playlists from Spotify to Google Music, but it’s not always successfull. And installing is a bit tricky, hope this helps someone.